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2023 Bathroom Trends Saturday, January 28th, 3:00 AM
Design Trends For Bathroom Remodeling In 2023

Falls Church, United States - January 27, 2023 / Renewal Homes Remodeling /

Bathrooms are shifting from spaces used purely for hygiene-related tasks to comfortable spaces to relax in. This is reflected in bathroom designs and implemented when existing bathrooms are remodeled. Bathrooms may need renovation more frequently than other parts of the house because they are used very frequently and exposed to water. So, bathroom remodeling gives a chance to upgrade the features and comforts of bathrooms.

Bathrooms are still built with materials that are easily maintainable and designed with clean lines. But, some changes are incorporated in bathroom remodeling to make bathrooms look and feel more luxurious and comfortable. Renewal Homes Remodeling shares some trends expected in bathroom design in 2023. This home remodeling company is a Class A residential and commercial general contractor and home remodeling company that serves the community in Falls Church, VA. This home renovation contractor has a stellar reputation for offering one-of-a-kind builds and custom craftsmanship that no competitor can beat. Renewal Homes Remodeling is an experienced bathroom remodeling company that designs and creates luxurious bathrooms using the latest technology and custom tile work. 

2023 Trends That Can Be Implemented In Bathroom Remodeling Projects

1. Walk-in showers

More and more homeowners are opting for shower upgrades. There is also a preference for increasing shower sizes, with many choosing two-person showers. Accessories like multiple shower heads and shower seats are being included increasingly. Many also choose zero-entry showers, which is a sensible choice when planning for aging in place, as they are more accessible to all age groups. 

Apart from their functionality, walk-in showers also can add to aesthetics and create a more spacious feel by using design elements like natural light, accent lighting, and visually captivating wall tile arrangements. 

2. Spa-like features

With bathrooms now being seen as spaces that can be used to relax and feel pampered or luxurious, many homeowners are looking to add features that add comfort. Though many may be removing tubs to conserve space and make bathrooms more accessible for the elderly, some may want a soaking tub. Many are choosing rainfall showers or steam showers to be installed. Many opt for benches or seating that allow them to relax in the bath. For a spa-like look, soft colors are used, and some have open shelves with rolled towels arranged. Lighting that can be dimmed, natural lighting, and indoor plants are features that can easily bring a soothing and luxurious look to bathrooms. If possible, the toilet can be partitioned for a more private space. 

3. Do away with large tubs

Though modern standalone tubs are preferred by many to facilitate relaxing baths, many homeowners are also removing their built-in tubs. Removing tubs that are unused for most of the time is an easy choice for some. This can be to get a more spacious bathroom. The space may be used to install a linen closet or expanded showers. Others may want to have a more age-friendly bathroom, and if age-related movement problems do not allow tub baths, removing them is safer.

4. Using bathroom accents to create interest

Though calm, soothing interiors are popular for bathrooms, accents can be used to add color and texture to them. In 2023 experts predict that geometric shapes and pops of color will be used widely in bathrooms. Tile, textiles with prints and patterns, cabinets, and mirrors can all be used as accents. 

5. Faucets

Every bathroom needs faucets, which can be chosen to enhance the look and feel of the bathroom. Different types of faucets can be used.

Wall-mounted faucets: 

These faucets are available in several forms and colors. They give a contemporary and minimalist look to bathrooms. 

Brass faucets:

These give bathrooms instant warmth and luxury. Brass faucets are available in different finishes. 

Waterfall bathroom faucets:

The sound and visual of a running waterfall faucet bring a tranquil aura to the bathroom. They are easier to clean and use less water. If desired, additional features like LED lights can be chosen with these faucets. 

6. Color Trends

A coat of paint is the easiest way to give any room a fresh look. Usually, homeowners prefer soothing colors for bathrooms. Industry experts believe the following colors will be more popular in 2023:

  • Shades of blue: ranging from baby blue to richer blues
  • Shades of green: lighter tones like olive, sage, and mint.
  • Jewel tone: Jewel-toned tiles will give smaller bathrooms a splash of color without overwhelming the senses.
  • Black: Some prefer black for a sophisticated modern look. 

Whatever trends catch their fancy, homeowners may want to include them. An experienced bathroom remodeling company can guide homeowners on practical choices. Renewal Homes Remodeling is one of the reputable home renovation contractors in Falls Church, VA, specializing in bathroom remodeling. This home improvement company integrates its expertise with the desires of its clients to facilitate the creation of the home of their dreams. Contact Renewal Homes Remodeling on the number (571) 771-2210.

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