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All Clean Pressure Washing Talk About Questions to Ask Power Washing Companies Saturday, January 28th, 5:00 AM
Challenges Facing the Pressure Washing Industry By All Clean Pressure Washing

Metairie, United States - January 28, 2023 / Pressure Washing Marketing Pros /

All Clean Pressure Washing helps residential and commercial property owners find the right power washing company by providing crucial questions to ask employees. These questions give clients more information about prospective power washing companies, including insurance, certifications, processes, equipment, satisfaction guarantees, and examples of previous work. The team at All Clean Pressure Washing implores anyone in search of power washing services to ask these questions before hiring a company to ensure they find the right team for the job.

Does the Company Have Insurance?

Though power washing isn’t necessarily dangerous, accidents can happen at any time. If damages to the client’s property or employee injuries occur, the client should not be responsible and have to pay out of pocket. Companies should have insurance and offer workers’ compensation to protect their client’s property and their employees. 

Do the Company's Technicians Have Proper Certification?

Certification demonstrates that a company’s technicians have the necessary training and experience to deliver quality services. The Power Washers of North America (PWNA) provide certification to technicians following the completion of a training program.

Can the Company Articulate Their Power Washing Process?

Companies should be able to demonstrate their industry knowledge by articulating the specific processes they use to power wash different surfaces. By asking about the power washing process, the client can gauge the company’s level of experience and knowledge of the industry. For example, any experienced power washing company should know the different techniques for cleaning concrete and roofing. 

What Equipment Does the Company Use?

While inquiring about the company’s power washing process helps the client gauge knowledge, asking about their equipment helps gauge the ability to deliver quality cleaning. Companies should have professional-grade power washers and necessary cleaners to clean any residential or commercial surface thoroughly. 

Does the Company Offer its Clients a Satisfaction Guarantee?

If the client is unhappy with the company’s power washing services, a satisfaction guarantee can return some or all of their money. A satisfaction guarantee is vital for relieving their worries if a client is unsure about the company when they hire them. Further, companies that offer customer satisfaction guarantees demonstrate confidence in the services they provide. 

Can the Company Provide Examples of Reviews of its Previous Work?

Once the client has asked the above questions and gathered as much information as possible, they should request examples and customer reviews from the company’s previous work. Photos and testimonials from past clients, whether negative or positive, provide a better sense of what the client should expect from the company’s power washing services.

For More Information

For more information about power washing in Metairie, LA, or to book trusted professional power washing services, contact All Clean Pressure Washing at (504)206 – 2836. The company employs trained and certified technicians with the experience to provide quality power washing services for residential and commercial properties. All Clean Pressure Washing also offers free quotes to prospective clients. 

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