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Why is Google 3 pack the talk of the town Saturday, January 28th, 4:00 AM
Hypergrowth: Importance of ranking in Google 3 pack

Rosebery, Australia - January 27, 2023 / Hypergrowth /

Google 3 pack - Why is it important?

Nowadays, almost everyone uses their smartphones to search and find out about local businesses and services available in their area. Hence, getting featured online is far more important than ever before. An online presence gives more visibility than any other advertising method. When a user looks for answers to a query such as ‘restaurants near me’, Google lists 3 restaurants at the top of the search results page along with a Google Map showing where they are located. This set of top 3 search results is called the ‘Google 3 pack’. There is a very high chance that the user would choose to visit one of these 3 restaurants featured in the Google 3 pack, as almost everyone trusts Google’s algorithms to tell them which is the best choice. Hypergrowth, a search engine optimization (SEO) company in Darwin, sheds more light on the much sought-after Google 3 pack and how businesses can try and get featured in it.

1. How relevant is your business?

A business relevant to the search query will be placed higher in the search results. Such a business that appears in the top search results also has a high chance of appearing in the Google 3 pack. Google ranks the business based on the Google My Business Profile (GMB). Hence, all businesses must create and maintain a GMB profile. The following are ways to maintain and optimize a GMB profile:

  • Create/claim a GMB profile
  • Categorize the business by giving the right description and subcategories.
  • Update the profile by including accurate local contact numbers, local addresses, areas where the service is available, and opening hours.
  • Include high-definition photos showcasing the service/business.
  • Ensure that the business’s webpage is engaging, mobile-friendly, and user-friendly.
  • Include relevant keywords and business branding in the GMB and web pages.
  • Invite other businesses to create backlinks to the company webpage.

It is worth considering contacting a modern digital marketing company to set up and optimize a profile on GMB.

2. How close is your business?

Proximity is another crucial factor in ranking higher in a search. Google generally shows places that are nearby in the top search results as most searchers ideally would like to visit services that are close by to their location.

3. How prominent is your business?

Customers’ opinions matter and Google knows that. Hence, customer reviews play an essential role in the prominence of the business. More positive reviews create a good impression. Businesses can invite customers to leave reviews after they avail of the service. Some tips to improve the number of reviews and hence popularity are:

  • Respond to every review - both positive and negative. Responding to reviews makes it clear to the customers that the business listens to their comments and concerns. Thus, it creates a connection between the customer and the business. Answering negative reviews should be done politely.
  • Create easy access methods such as QR codes to ask people for reviews.
  • Provide incentive programs for regular customers and ask them to leave reviews.
  • Ask for honest feedback.
  • Share the positive reviews on social media pages, the website, and GMB.

Why Hypergrowth?

Hypergrowth is a new-age SEO company in Darwin. Hypergrowth promises to flood their customer’s businesses with new client calls in 60 days. They have the new ‘Hypergrowth Ranking Strategy’, which works wonders for optimizing GMB profiles.

Get in touch with the team at Hypergrowth, the digital marketing expert and local SEO in Darwin, today. Call 0498 342 634 or email hello@hypergrowthdigital.com.au to get placed in the top 3 rankings in your area.

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